Automotive Labels


Automotive industry leaders constantly strive to achieve a high level of comfort and safety in their vehicles. In this respect, labels and adhesives used in the automotive industry must, not only meet the required technical guidelines and specifications, but also be suited to prolonged use in rough environments. As a recognized leader in automotive labels, izrek is on an uninterrupted mission to keep raising its quality standards based upon its vast know-how and experience in this field. In this context, the company actively employs IMDS and Web EDI systems as well, in addition to the TS 16949, Q1, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality systems that it already possesses, which are required by the automotive industry.

Agricultural Machinery and Outdoor Equipment Labels

Labels to be used with farm tractors, agricultural machinery and other outdoor equipment are products that require a high degree of outdoor durability. Due to the environment they exist in, they have to be equipped with outstanding resistance to sunlight, heat, chemicals, humidity, dirt, dust, impacts and wear and tear. izrek serves industry giants in this segment by offering the most appropriate solutions that provide substantial durability in rough outdoor conditions.

Vehicle Gauge and Instrument Cluster Dials

These strips are placed on the front panels of vehicles and they are used for marking various notification and warning prompts, thanks to their colorful structures and see-through features.

Performance Labels

Performance labels are high standard products catering to the needs of the automotive industry. They are labeling solutions with resistance against wear and tear, chemicals, high and low temperatures, specifically used on low surface-energy materials such as plastic, abs, glass and painted sheet metal. These labels are utilized on the inside or outside of the vehicle, under the hood, in the engine area, the areas such as radiators, gas caps, fuse boxes, airbags, windshields, windows, doors, bulkheads, seats and tires. With its specialized staff, izrek manufactures printed performance labels directly for its OEM clients and their sub-contractors.

Metal Labels

Thanks to their non-deforming, corrosion proof structure, metal labels are labels that last for long periods of time on products that they are fastened onto using rivet joints or double sided adhesive tape. This sort of labels have high resistance to heat, humidity and impacts. Notifications as to model, serial number, etc. can be inscribed on the metal label by printing, pantograph or laser engraving methods.

Dome Labels

With their dome-shaped, polyurethane resin structure, dome labels provide professional 3D looks and extended outdoor durability. In the automotive industry, they are generally preferred over molded logos for creating quick prototypes in brand, logo and intermediate model inscriptions, thus generating cost advantages.

Printing on Material

On the material in some cases within the automotive, appliances and electronics industries, where adhesive labeling is not appropriate direct dye sublimation is applied. This is a label-less imprinting solution that provides extended resistance to light and wear and tear, due to the thickness of the dye and its adhesion directly onto the material.

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