Digital Print Designs and Applications


Digital printing and its applications have recently gained popularity due to their design variety and convenience. Technological advancements enable production using UV or water, solvent or toner based inks. Additionally, in those cases where the quantity demanded does not constitute an adequate budget or production volume for operating the silk screening system, the faster and more convenient solution of digital printing is preferred.

Application of the resulting digital prints is made by a professional team, which minimizes application defects, also allowing for a hands-on troubleshooting of any potential errors.

In addition to the capability to print onto any foil material, direct digital UV printing options are available for application onto foam board, PVC board, PVC tarp, canvas and fabric.

Applications of Digital Printing

Indoor and Outdoor

Digital Printing is divided into two groups in terms of application field, as indoor and outdoor. Indoor digital printing is the type of printing used in closed areas and indoors. Printing items such as foils, posters, banners, photo prints, product presentations and printing items seen up-close are obtained by printing via indoor digital machinery. Outdoor digital printing is the type of printing used for countless applications such as outdoor advertising, posters, vehicle coating and navigation signs.

OWV ( One Way Vision )

It is a porous, mesh-like foil used as a glass coat. It is a type of material that, when applied onto a glass surface via its adhesive back, exhibits the prints and visuals applied on it from the outside, while enabling a convenient outside view from the inside. Therefore, it is generally applied on see-through surfaces such as store windows and the exteriors of buildings with high glass content.

Vehicle Wrapping

These are applications that comprise the partial or full foil wrapping of your commercial fleet. With its professional staff, izrek performs customized partial or full wrapping applications. In the automotive industry, these applications are generally preferable on trucks, delivery vans and motor coaches

PVC Banners

A blend of PVC and fabric, the lightweight and digitally printable PVC banner is preferable for both indoor and outdoor applications