Industrial Labels


Roll Labels

These labels are wound into rolls that are suited to continuous (roll) printing. These labels are preferred especially in large volume orders due to their versatility and low cost. They are manufactured for use with barcode printers and similar devices. izrek manufactures plain or printed rolled labels in custom measurements and specifications that would fit your devices.

Device and Panel Labels

Widely used in machinery and electronics industries, device and panel labels are generally located on control panels and warning buttons on devices, with the purpose of specifying the make, model and features of a product. High performance raw materials such as polycarbonate and metal are preferred in the making of permanent panel labels intended to stay intact throughout the life of the product.

Labels for Electrical and Electronics Industries

These are labels used on devices such as fuses, switches, natural gas meter, electrical panels, electric meters, relays, etc. where very high temperatures are common. It bears utmost importance that the information contained on such label applications is safe. Therefore, it is essential for the label to be heat resistant, tear proof and humidity, alcohol and chemical resistant.

Barcode Labels

Barcode labels are paper or plastic based, adhesive or non-adhesive labels used in the barcoding of products. They serve as an ID tag for the product. Information regarding the product and company are located on the barcode label. They come in many types including thermal labels, eco-thermal labels, laminated thermal labels, vellum labels, wash care labels, silver mat labels, enamel labels, polypropylene PP labels, polyethylene PE labels, etc. Production of serial numbered barcode labels is made according to the numbers you provide.

Safety Labels

Safety labels can be peeled off and will leave a mark when unfastened, and they are widely used in the industry. These rigid labels are not torn easily. They are water and humidity resistant. They leave a mark when peeled off, indicating that a label located in that particular spot has been detached, therefore void. In the automotive industry, they are helpful as a protective measure against the usage of non-original spare parts and they assist in the identification and tracking of vehicle identification numbers (VIN). VIN labels, void labels, and destructable labels are found in this category. In addition, these labels are used as warranty labels for companies engaged in the sale and repair of electronics, computers and similar devices. It is a type of label that is suitable for ribbon printing.

Reflective Labels

There are products used in permanent traffic signs, and they comply with the angle and strength requirements stipulated in traffic safety regulations. Reflective labels clearly mark the rear and side profiles of a vehicle and provide a night-time visibility of approximately 1,000 meters. Scientific research and field studies indicate that the ratio of accidents involving trucks that were properly marked have declined substantially as opposed to those that were not. Our reflective products are in compliance with the ECE 104 international regulations.

Plastic Labels and Cards

Plastic labels and cards are printed, non-adhesive products that show simple, effective and precise bits of information for in-vehicle use. These products are usually manufactured of flexible material, and they perform very well in tear, bending and fire tests. Besides, they are resistant against temperature changes and UV lights, and they are not affected by water or humidity. Among their many uses, descriptive cards, user's manuals, etc. products for in-vehicle use within the automotive industry are made of these materials.


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