Custom Designed Cuts


Blackout Film Cuts

It is an alternative solution for painting and plastic coating applications on vehicle bulkheads, blended surfaces and side surfaces. In addition to reducing light permeability, blackout films have the capability to also protect the surface they are applied upon from external factors. Custom cuts with gritty, matt or figured finishes can be tailor-made based on the preference of the client

Stone-Guard Protection Films and Body-Paint Protective Strip Cuts

It is designed for use on vehicle surfaces that are prone to wear and tear or scratches. When applied correctly, it provides a long-term protection on sensitive areas against scratches and dents and other mechanical impacts. izrek makes customized cuts of these products in desired measurements and shapes.

Masking Tape Cuts

These tapes are used in the automotive industry as protective and masking materials. They are applied during the painting of components, on to parts that are not supposed to be painted. izrek makes specially designed custom cuts based on product shapes, which substantially speeds up the process on the assembly line and raises efficiency.

Double-sided Adhesive Tape Cuts

With their strong adhesive properties, double-sided adhesive tapes can carry different features depending on their many areas of application. They are easily peeled open and mounted, which gives them superior convenience in application onto a surface. izrek conducts the retiling, custom slicing, lamination onto requested materials and specialty cutting of double-sided adhesive tapes for the appliances, automotive and electronics industries. Production can be made in rolls or sheets depending on the requirements of the client.


Slicing is the process of splitting rolls into smaller rolls through the use of parallel cutting blades. Materials such as paper, film, foil, double-sided adhesive tape etc. can be sliced by retiling and batch chopping. Thanks to slicing process, the cost can be cut and also the rolls are split into groups based on their final functions.

Fingerlifts and Extended Liner Tape Applications

Fingerlifts and extended liner tapes provide extensive time and cost savings in the utilization of products by enabling operators on the assembly line or end-users to lift the tapes conveniently without interfering with their adhesive surfaces. They are widely used, specifically in masking, caulking, double sided tape and foam tape applications in automotive and appliances industries.

Bodyguard Protective Films

Body and surface protection films are surface-specific sheets that provide protection for the vehicle against exterior factors which might arise during its transshipment. The adhesive properties of these films, which are eventually peeled off once the vehicle arrives at its final destination, need to be mild enough not to leave any undesired marks on the surface of the vehicle, but strong enough not to let the film get detached by itself..

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