Our Quality Certifications


Having been increasing its production volume since its start-up, izrek is gradually raising its quality standards. It pursues the latest quality standards available, in order to maintain sustainability in its high standards. In this respect, the company has implemented the ISO 9001 International Quality Management System in 2003, the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System in 2006 and the TS 16949 Automotive Industry Quality Management System in 2008. It has also acquired a Ford Q1 certification in that same year.

ISO 9001is the standard that constitutes the essence of defining and documenting the guidelines which have to be complied with during the implementation of a Quality Management System. An ISO 9001 certification justifies that the products or the services of the undersigned have been set forth as a result of a business approach that is administered in compliance with an internationally recognized management system, and that sustainability in quality standards regarding the products and services of the organization is therefore achievable.

ISO 14001Environmental Management System is a management model based on a risk analysis scheme, that aims to cut down on the use of natural resources and minimize the environmental impact on earth, water and air resources. ISO 14001 is a management standard and not a product standard, and it is concerned with how production is handled, rather than the type of production. It is based on the principles of monitoring environmental performance and applying continuous improvement to it. It requires that the terms and conditions set forth in regulations and laws governing environmental affairs are strictly adhered to.

TS 16949Automotive Industry Quality Management System is a system aimed at automotive industry suppliers. It is a standard comprised of technical standards concerning automotive suppliers, where terms and conditions regarding the automotive industry are defined. The system is based on the ISO 9001. It sets forth a relatively more elaborated view on the implementation and auditing of management systems.

Ford Q1, is a fundamental quality and manufacturing discipline which enables success and continuous development for the manufacturer. The Q1 system is based on fundamental manufacturing techniques and minimizing fluctuations thereof. Having started out as the 'Ford Quality Award' and gradually evolved into what's called the 'Ford Quality System', Q1 is an indispensable prerequisite for automotive supply industry players in order for them to maintain their existing business relations with Ford and to take place in upcoming projects.

Its contribution to achievements in manufacturing quality and enhanced customer satisfaction have made Q1 a reliable brand name in quality management. Through its determined and consistent operation, Q1 sees to it that a high quality standard is upheld by suppliers at all times.

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